Krissy Cruse

Krissy Cruse grew up in San Jose, California, where she witnessed houses double in value during the ’80s and ’90s. She earned her real estate license in 2002 and entered the market just as it was experiencing the downturn of the dot-com bust, when many people were losing their tech jobs and leaving the Bay Area. She then moved to Idaho, where the tech industry was growing, and the new environment gave her the opportunity to work in new construction as well as to hone her outreach marketing skills through door-knocking, cold calling and farming activities in tract-housing developments. A few years after her move, however, Idaho suffered the same exodus as California with the mortgage market implosion.

A military move then took Krissy and her family to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, a community with almost entirely veteran buyers. She handled 48 transactions in a single year for families that could purchase new construction homes for less than they would pay in a lease agreement. During this time, she mastered the coaching skills that first-time homebuyers need in order to be involved and to understand the purchase transaction.

Since 2011, Krissy has been presenting options to buyers and sellers in the Northern Virginia market. With over 400 transactions and $100M+ in sales that ranged from Leesburg to Arlington and Broad Run to Richmond. The area’s diverse housing inventory is exciting to her, and she enjoys embarking on a journey with each client to find the best price and terms. Whether a client is looking for a high-rise condo in Arlington, new construction in Loudoun County or a cash flow investment property, Krissy is committed to seeing every stage of the process result in client satisfaction.